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Introduction to Senshido

Senshido’s first mission is survival. At its heart, it is a reality-based self-defense system. This means, in essence, it teaches survival skills for real world violent situations. It helps prepare you for the worst, by drawing out the elemental and instinctive self-defense tools we all have.

Senshido’s second mission, and one that is increasingly coming to define its focus and outlook as an international movement, is peace. Peace through self-development. Peace through transcending the triggers to spark or engage in violence.

Senshido is so much more than self-defense; it is a developed system that delves into the psychological triggers of violence, deconstructing the ego, and setting a foundation for comprehensive transformation of persons and communities.
Richard Dimitri



Senshido was founded in 1994 by Richard Dimitri, who went on to become, and is still considered, one of the top and most sought out personal protection and defence tactics experts in the world. In 2011, Richard retired from international teaching and now offers generic self-defense courses only out of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Visit Rich’s website to find out more.

Visit Rich’s Website
Tangent Redemptions of an Anti-Hero


Richard Dimitri’s first ever fictional book, Tangent Redemptions of an Anti-Hero is a gritty, compelling story of a man and his struggle with his inner demons. The story’s protagonist, Nomad, tells his story in a first person narrative. There’s action, pain, and struggles with his own moral philosophies. There’s also a flavor of “breaking the fourth wall” which adds a humorous element to the book.

The storytelling is so detailed and vivid, you practically are there with the characters. And intense read and really defines the realism of an anti-hero…

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