Vampiro’s Grapple & Groundfight

Take advantage of a real expert grappler, Ian Vampiro Hodgkinson's experience while he takes you through the down and dirty road of grappling. Standing at 6' 3" and weighing 265 pounds, Ian Hodgkinson, internationally known as "Vampiro" has been involved in Professional Wrestling since 1985, has won the heavy weight Canadian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu championship and worked as a body guard for high profile clients in the US and Mexico. This video is from Ian's portion of the 2nd Coalition seminar and includes compliance tactics, immobilizations, submissions, controls, take downs and a host of dirty tricks from various submission arts including Catch as Catch Can to include in your street or sport arsenal. Also includes co-instruction by Richard Dimitri (video shot live during a seminar)

Monkey in the Middle Drill

Volume #2 of the Senshido Video-zine group class series. Live group class, the Monkey in the Middle Drill is an intensive Alive Drill that allows the participant to work several components including: Intuition, Multiple Attacker Awareness, The 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation, Extreme Close Quarter Combat Arsenal, Grappling, Groundfighting, concealed weapons awareness, 'Shredding' and more! Also includes Q & A Session at the end of the class with Richard giving insight on the importance of primary targets, the difference between street and sport, real experiences in street fights and more. Also includes bonus 2nd 20-minute portion of Ian (Vampiro) Hodgkinson's Maryland Coalition Seminar!

The Bodyguard Drill

Volume #1 of the Senshido Video-zine group class series. Filmed completely live. 'Special' appearance by Ian (Vamp) who comes in late but participates in the class as well. Keep in mind that it's a group class so the format is quite chaotic! The Bodyguard drill works: Major overkill, Awareness, Strategic Implementation, Footwork, Senshido's 5 principles of physical retaliation at 100mph, Conditioning, Multiple attacker awareness and maneuvering and much more! Participate in a Senshido Group class from your own home! Also includes bonus 20 minutes footage of Ian (Vampiro) Hodgkinson's Coalition Seminar!

Senshido’s Combat Coalition NJ Seminar

Richard Dimitri had the pleasure of teaching along side veterans Marc 'Animal' MacYoung and Sammy Franco as a member of the Combat Coalition at the first Coalition seminar in Summit New Jersey circa 2000. This video contains Senshido's 5 Principals of Physical Retaliation, Close Quarter Combat Psychology, the Opportunity Drill, how to launch your attack from a natural and non violent stance Including defending from a chair, arms crossed, the Jack Benny stance, behavioral tactics, human and variable error recoveries and more! See the seminar that propelled Rich and Senshido into the mainstream!

Women’s Rape Prevention

Learn the only personal protection program specifically designed for women recommended by both the CLSC and the Montreal Sexual Assault Center. This double video contains life saving information including: Belief Systems, Fear management strategies, The psychology of an attacker, Avoidance and safety strategies, Surviving Violent Confrontations, Verbal Abuse, Developing a Survivor's Mentality, Sexual harassment, Verbal Defusing and De-escalating strategies Also Includes: Bear Hugs, Tackles, Hair Pulls, Gun and Knife Defense, Pinned to the Ground, Rope Strangulations AND full contact scenarios with mock attackers! + Much, much more! Also Highly recommended for men!

Tactical Gun Defense

A must for those who put themselves in harms way (security personnel, bouncers, law enforcement officers). Richard had the pleasure of working with a youth organization where he taught confrontation management strategies to ex street gang members as well as working with the British Special Forces (the prestigious SAS), The Finnish SWAT and Counter Terrorist Unit.. He's also faced gun attacks during his work as an undercover security guard. Take advantage of his experience with this videotape to enhance your martial arsenal. This tape shows you how to maximize your perception time in order to decrease your reaction time. Learn to read body language, understand the most common mistakes made in gun defense, drawing your opponent in, psychological principles, hand quicker than eye concept, moving in before the gun is drawn, physical retaliation, handling the gun, minimizing the danger for potential bystanders, strategic implementation and more. It's imperative to know what to do in case you are not alone when facing with a gun armed assailant.