Vampiro’s Grapple & Groundfight

Approx running time: 80 minutes

Take advantage of a real expert grappler, Ian Vampiro Hodgkinson's experience while he takes you through the down and dirty road of grappling. Standing at 6' 3" and weighing 265 pounds, Ian Hodgkinson, internationally known as "Vampiro" has been involved in Professional Wrestling since 1985, has won the heavy weight Canadian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu championship and worked as a body guard for high profile clients in the US and Mexico. This video is from Ian's portion of the 2nd Coalition seminar and includes compliance tactics, immobilizations, submissions, controls, take downs and a host of dirty tricks from various submission arts including Catch as Catch Can to include in your street or sport arsenal. Also includes co-instruction by Richard Dimitri (video shot live during a seminar)


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