The Shredder

This package comes with a 70 page book, an instructional video and over 1 hour and 20 minutes of instruction. This package extensively covers the Shredder in great detail from its origins through its development. Also included are drills, demos and detailed explanations. This is the definitive Shredder package. If you've been curious about it or have any interest in this concept, this package is definitely for you, I guarantee you it will do nothing but greatly enhance your arsenal no matter what style, system, rank or experience you already possess or train in.

What is the Shredder?

The Shredder is a spontaneous fusillade of gross-motor attacks such as eye gouges, face rakes, ear and nose rips, bites, hair pulls, neck wrenches and throat crushes. The onslaught also can include elbows, head butts and other close-range assaults, making it perfect for real street fights.

The Shredder, when deployed as designed, immediately creates the "defensive reflexive response” in one's opponent. He has no choice but to defend and become the prey! The body becomes a slave to its own reactions... It avoids punishment; it reacts to physical, psychological and visual stimulus. The Shredder attacks all of the body's systemic weaknesses all at once. Devastating and overwhelming the body and mind's capacity to the advantage of the one skilled in deploying it.

The Shredder Enhancer

The Shredder Enhancer contains new Shredder information as the concept continuously evolves as well as several new drills designed to heighten your Shredding skills by ten-fold. Some demystifications, misconceptions and detailed explanations on the Shredder & energy drills also included, as well as more of the Shredder on the ground and against armed attackers. Also see how the Shredder works against potential rapes against women, the Shredder and the reflexive response and much more. The Original Shredder Package introduced you to the concept; The Shredder Enhancer will heighten your skills, guaranteed. A must for anyone who has already gotten the Shredder Package. The original Shredder video and ebook are pre-requisites to this video.

Functional Combative Drill Training

All new drills to enhance your street survival skills. These drills are applicable to any system or style and include drills that max out your hand eye coordination, invoke adrenaline dumps, forces gross motor skills to the max, works Holistic Comprehension, Increases Intention to Action awareness, and much more. Drills also include: Knife work, ground fighting, extreme close quarter combat skills, mental blueprinting, stress management and more! A must for your collection!

Tool and Target Development

A great supplement to Senshido Fundamentals & The Shredder - This video features the origin's of the Shredder before it was called the Shredder... The entire body can be used as a weapon and the entire body also possesses nerve clusters, pain receptors primary and secondary targets. This video shows you how to properly use everything from your head, teeth, saliva, biceps, fingers, palms, knuckles, knees, elbows and much more as offensive tools to cause the most amount of damage possible with the least amount of effort from any position. Also learn where to strike on the human body from the most awkward positions like pinned to the ground, in the guard, head locked, pinned to a wall, sitting on a chair and much more! Also including human and variable error like slipping, fallen to the ground, unbalanced and ungrounded, quick recoveries and more!

Outnumbered but NOT Outgunned

Concerned about facing multiple attackers? You should be. Next to facing an armed opponent, it's probably one of the most dangerous situations you can come across. This video explores several strategies in facing multiple attackers and will give you the tactical edge necessary to escape as unharmed as possible. Includes: Footwork, energy drills, alive drills, full contact scenarios, demystification of fighting multiple attackers, psychological warfare, tactical set ups, manipulation of human behavior, strategic implementation, spontaneous improvisation, concepts and attributes and more...

Women’s Rape Prevention

Learn the only personal protection program specifically designed for women recommended by both the CLSC and the Montreal Sexual Assault Center. This double video contains life saving information including: Belief Systems, Fear management strategies, The psychology of an attacker, Avoidance and safety strategies, Surviving Violent Confrontations, Verbal Abuse, Developing a Survivor's Mentality, Sexual harassment, Verbal Defusing and De-escalating strategies Also Includes: Bear Hugs, Tackles, Hair Pulls, Gun and Knife Defense, Pinned to the Ground, Rope Strangulations AND full contact scenarios with mock attackers! + Much, much more! Also Highly recommended for men!

Fundamentals of Personal Protection

Covers: the psychology of violence, the 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation, natural stances, the passive stance, reflexive responses and tactical street defense drills. This tape is completely 'live' and offers numerous strategies and tactics to prevent aggression and violent confrontations. Also covers verbal defusing strategies and behavioral concepts. A must for the serious martial artist or anyone interested in maximizing their personal protection. End the fight before it starts with Senshido's Fundamentals of Personal Protection.