The Shredder

Approx running time: 80 minutes

This package comes with a 70 page book, an instructional video and over 1 hour and 20 minutes of instruction. This package extensively covers the Shredder in great detail from its origins through its development. Also included are drills, demos and detailed explanations. This is the definitive Shredder package. If you've been curious about it or have any interest in this concept, this package is definitely for you, I guarantee you it will do nothing but greatly enhance your arsenal no matter what style, system, rank or experience you already possess or train in.

What is the Shredder?

The Shredder is a spontaneous fusillade of gross-motor attacks such as eye gouges, face rakes, ear and nose rips, bites, hair pulls, neck wrenches and throat crushes. The onslaught also can include elbows, head butts and other close-range assaults, making it perfect for real street fights.

The Shredder, when deployed as designed, immediately creates the "defensive reflexive response” in one's opponent. He has no choice but to defend and become the prey! The body becomes a slave to its own reactions... It avoids punishment; it reacts to physical, psychological and visual stimulus. The Shredder attacks all of the body's systemic weaknesses all at once. Devastating and overwhelming the body and mind's capacity to the advantage of the one skilled in deploying it.


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