Rich Dimitri’s Self-Defense Tips N Rants Vol. 4

In this installment, Rich goes over in a fine detail the differences between self defense, martial arts and fighting, differentiating and establishing strategies for social and antisocial violence and the differences between teaching those who are vulnerable and victimized in societies to those who already possess the predatory mindset, all in his usual straight in your face, unapologetic and honest fashion.

Rich Dimitri’s Self-Defense Tips N Rants Vol. 3

Rich's Tips n' Rants 3 goes beyond verbal defusing and tackles violence at the social roots of confrontations. Rich shares his insights on why looking at the much bigger picture and dissecting things layer by layer into the origins that trigger social violence brings to light certain facets that enhances one's personal awareness and verbal defusing skills to not only avoid and if necessary, successfully de-escalate a potentially violent confrontation, but how to also increase your abilities to do so without contributing and perpetuating unnecessary violence.

Rich Dimitri’s Self-Defense Tips N Rants Vol. 2

Richard is back with Volume 2 of his self defense tips and rants, live from Penrith, Sydney, Australia at the Safe House for Safe International Sydney with Safe team member Jeff Phillips and owner Chris Roberts. Volume 2 covers 'Tactile Sensitivity', the ability to interpret your opponent's energy through the sense of touch (one of the 5 principles of physical retaliation) in great detail including 'sticky hands' principles, natural stances, tool and target development and knife defense.

Rich Dimitri’s Self-Defense Tips N Rants Vol. 1

Raw, unapologetic and straight to the point, Rich shares his experiences, training and research with those interested in this new series of video downloads with the first volume covering over 40 minutes of materials to make you rethink your self-defense training and teaching paradigm. Topics include: Preemptive striking off various natural stances during verbal defusing, the ‘Italian Hands’ concept, differentiating a good guy having a bad day from a ‘bad guy’, the ripple effect and more.