Tool and Target Development

Approx running time: 110 minutes

A great supplement to Senshido Fundamentals & The Shredder - This video features the origin's of the Shredder before it was called the Shredder... The entire body can be used as a weapon and the entire body also possesses nerve clusters, pain receptors primary and secondary targets. This video shows you how to properly use everything from your head, teeth, saliva, biceps, fingers, palms, knuckles, knees, elbows and much more as offensive tools to cause the most amount of damage possible with the least amount of effort from any position. Also learn where to strike on the human body from the most awkward positions like pinned to the ground, in the guard, head locked, pinned to a wall, sitting on a chair and much more! Also including human and variable error like slipping, fallen to the ground, unbalanced and ungrounded, quick recoveries and more!


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