With Rich's blessings, this site is 100% managed by long-time friend and student Trevor Wilcox to preserve and memorialize the life-altering teachings of Richard Dimitri's "old school" Senshido as a complete martial methodology geared towards functional fighting concepts, skills, tactics and strategies in order to enhance survivability in the face of violence, and beyond that, to become complete warrior athletes, capable and versatile, able to improvise and adapt to any combative environment.

Through this methodology, the warrior spirit is forged and training becomes less about "self-defense" and more about "self-development", as Senshido's athletes develop the attributes and attitudes to face and overcome any and all challenges thrown their way. For all intents and purposes, Trevor is the "custodian" of Old School Senshido materials, which are only available through this website, and membership fees to the site go towards the hosting and running costs to keep these materials available.

Rich here:
I state that the above is indeed a true story.