On the Cutting Edge (Vol. 2)

Picking up where On the Cutting Edge V1 left off, this video deals with more advanced knife defense tactics including the dreaded rear hand pump and stab while being grabbed by the lead hand. This video is conceptual and offers many life saving concepts and attributes to enhance your survivability in a knife attack. No "techniques" to memorize, no frills, just plain truth on defensive knife attacks. Take it from someone who's been there and survived several knife altercations. WARNING: The level of contact is quite high and may shock some! Cutting Edge 1 IS a pre-requisite to this video.

Strategic Stick Fighting

How to handle a stick in a realistic and applicable manner. No fancy moves, direct to the point offensive and defensive stick use. This video is not a 'how to become a stick fighter' tape but more of a conceptual, how to 'fight with a stick' video. Real time, real speed, no choreography full contact no consent demo's and instruction with minimal equipment. Includes: For the first time on any Senshido video, a detailed explanation and demo of the Shredder, stick against knife, stick against multiple opponents, stick against multiple armed opponents, stick against stick, close quarter stick combat, psychological warfare & strategic implementations and more!

On the Cutting Edge (Vol. 1)

The most common weapon used on the street is the knife and other forms of edged weapons such as a razor blade, screwdriver and/or broken beer bottle. This video shows you dozens of drills to improve your close quarter arsenal against an armed attacker. Including: Natural stances, slasher and stabber, static knife attacks from behind, controlling the weapon hand, increasing perception time, decreasing reaction time, gross motor skills, adrenal stress condition, overkill mentality, as well as performance enhancement and survival strategies successfully used by Law Enforcement Officers the world over.

Tactical Gun Defense

A must for those who put themselves in harms way (security personnel, bouncers, law enforcement officers). Richard had the pleasure of working with a youth organization where he taught confrontation management strategies to ex street gang members as well as working with the British Special Forces (the prestigious SAS), The Finnish SWAT and Counter Terrorist Unit.. He's also faced gun attacks during his work as an undercover security guard. Take advantage of his experience with this videotape to enhance your martial arsenal. This tape shows you how to maximize your perception time in order to decrease your reaction time. Learn to read body language, understand the most common mistakes made in gun defense, drawing your opponent in, psychological principles, hand quicker than eye concept, moving in before the gun is drawn, physical retaliation, handling the gun, minimizing the danger for potential bystanders, strategic implementation and more. It's imperative to know what to do in case you are not alone when facing with a gun armed assailant.

Defense Against Common Weapon Attacks

Includes: Static knife at carotid, gun at head, rope strangulations from behind and baseball bat attacks. Includes where to avoid getting cut, dangerous depth and lengths of cut, the psychology of an armed assailant, handling the blade and grip security. Also covering: defensive gun principles, hand eye coordination, natural stance principles, behavioral tactics, and perception time. Additionally, whether being attacked by a stick or bat wielding assailant the principles remain the same, defense include proper footwork, timing, dangerous angles of the bat, how to read body language, set ups, counters and more. Reality based training concepts.