Were You There? (1997-2019)

1999 to roughly 2002 style Senshido T-shirts, this one still owned today by Senshido instructor Marc Rizkallah .

From 1997 to 2019, I personally taught Senshido workshops and seminars in over 22 countries and to many cities and towns to enumerate.  There are many pics which were lost over the years as I have moved as often as I have visited differing countries so several workshop pics have been lost along the way.  We will update this page (along with the site in general) as we come across more.  Here are some  from international workshops, bootcamps and classes; see if you can spot yourself or anyone you know:


1999: Greater Toronto Area. Workshop hosted by Troy White. I'm joined by 2 of my crew Helen Stranzl, Lee Castellani, Valerie Potvin and Lucas who's family name has escaped me.

2000: Zombie Squad Boot Camp Nun's Island Montreal.

2001: Maryland USA, Combat Coalition workshop with Sammy Franco and Ian 'Vampiro' Hodgkinson. Alos in the pic are International team members Robert and Angela Toscano.

2004: First UK, London England workshop hosted by Senshido team members Les Turpin and Adam Cooper. Take a close look at the pic, some big UK names there at the time including the notorious Lee Morrison of Urban Combatives, who ended up giving me the most amazing, detailed review I'd ever gotten at the time on the Shredder concept.

2004 Zombie Squad Boot Camp

Sydney Australia, 2007. I'm dead center with the black T-shirt and dislocated shoulder courtesy of Big Joe Saunders of Managing Violence Podcast. Joe, Being roughly 6 foot 4 and over 200 pounds at the time we met, I had asked for the biggest and most experienced grappler in the room, Joe volunteered being a black belt in Judo amongst other combative disciplines he had trained in, and came at me as I asked. He took me down with a throw and landed on top of me, as I landed on my right shoulder completely dislocating it. I kept Shredding him as he attempted to submit me to no avail while on the ground. We both got up and he was stunned at the efficiency of just a mild, demoed Shred could so annoyingly stop him from submitting a guy literally half his size. Within a year Joe became a Senshido International team member, and friend. Went to the hospital after the seminar. Good times, good times.

Montreal Headquarters 2002: Senshido group class, what a great group.

Finland 2007: Senshido International team member Ville Kaivonen and I with Finnish Counter Terrorist Unit.

2007: Finnish Counter Terrorist Unit working Shredder drills during workshop.

2007: Senshido Team member Adam Cooper and I with the Finland Presidential Security team.

2008: Auckland New Zealand, with Senshido International team members Athena and Phil Thompson. Phil since operates PROTECT in New Zealand.

2006 Mildord Connecticut USA, Senshido International team member Rick Capozzi with the cap behind me after I spit in his mouth during a demo then told him I had mononucleosis lololol.... true story.

Washington DC USA, Senshido International team member Dominic Alexander from Tucson Arizona and Glenn Wilson (then from DC) and I teaching for a Krav Maga academy and their friends.

Sydney Australia, 2008 Senshido International team members Dominic O'Neil, Athena Hansen and Phil Thompson. Phil cracked the bridge of my nose with a nice forearm strike. The least he could do for the hell I put him (and Dom, and all my team members really) during demos over the decades lol...

2008 San Francisco, California, USA: Senshido International Ted Wilkinson and I at the late, great Daniel Sambrano's place.

2009 Heliopolis Cairo, Egypt: I worked in Cairo with 3 International women's movements including their then president's wife's. This was the very first of many I taught across Egypt until their 2010 revolution when my wife and I split.

Liege, Belgium in 2007 or 08 with Senshido International team members Rod Fiardi, Eric Lemaire and 'Lapin' (privacy maintained for reasons of security)

Liege Belgium 2009 with Rod, Eric and Lapin.

Sheffield England, 2007 with Senshido International team members Craig and Debbie Walsh at Craig n Deb's gym.

Sheffield England workshop day 2 with Craig n Deb.

Queensland Australia, 2008 or 09, with Senshido International team member Damien Martin.

Queensland Australia, 2008, early 2009 I'd say. No recollection, if someone knows, let Trev Know and he'll edit it.

Sydney Australia 2010 with Senshido team member Dominic O'Neil.

Melbourne Australia 2011 with Senshido International team members Jim Armstrong of RAW Combatives and New Zealand's Phil Thompson, at my left is my ex wife and my boy's mum, Tania Garby.

Melbourne Australia 2011 Shredder workshop, with Phil, Jim and room full of talented martial artists.

Queensland Australia 2011, at Southern Cross Martial Arts, stuck in the middle between team members Damien Martin and Big Joe Saunders.

Oshawa Ontario, Canada, 2012 at Synergy Martial Arts hosted by owner John Kolakovic, with Senshido International team members Malachi Bond (Alaska USA) and Laval Martin (Toronto Canada) along with good friend and many times partner in crime Chris Roberts of Safe International.

Left to Right are Chris Roberts, Laval Martin, Malachi Bond, Glenn Wilson, Shaka, Brian and John Kolakovik, of Synergy Martial arts at his school after the workshop.

2014, Montreal Canada, at new Senshido location run by then Senshido instructor and international team leader, Wes Derequito, with Senshido Instructors Marc Rizkallah, Wes, Sharie Derequito, Richard Rosetto, and Guy Razi.

Paris France, 2017 with both the German and Belgian Senshido crew, hosted by William and Fabienne Hernandez and Benjamin Giraudon wonderful people, legendary times.

Bochum Germany, 2017 with my German and Belgium brothers and sisters. I'm dead center with my present wife and partner Pamela Armitage.