Surviving the Streets

Picking up where Functional Combative Drill Training left off, this video contains 10 all new Senshido Drills to enhance your street survival skills! These drills are applicable to any system or style! Drills include, detailed opportunity drill, multiple attacker drills, disatraction drills, advanced tool & target enhancement, piston punching drill, awareness drills and much more! WARNING: The level of contact is quite high and may shock some! Functional Combative Drill Training is not a pre-requisite for Survivng the Streets.

On the Cutting Edge (Vol. 2)

Picking up where On the Cutting Edge V1 left off, this video deals with more advanced knife defense tactics including the dreaded rear hand pump and stab while being grabbed by the lead hand. This video is conceptual and offers many life saving concepts and attributes to enhance your survivability in a knife attack. No "techniques" to memorize, no frills, just plain truth on defensive knife attacks. Take it from someone who's been there and survived several knife altercations. WARNING: The level of contact is quite high and may shock some! Cutting Edge 1 IS a pre-requisite to this video.

Scenario Replications

A how to package. This 33 page manual and 120 minute + video is a complete, thorough and detailed study guide on scenario replications. Excellent for instructors, LEO, study groups, or anyone with training partners interested in quality information on how to run the most realistic scenarios to enhance survivability and create the proper mental blueprints for possible real life confrontations. This is the most comprehensive how to package of its kind on the market today! TOPICS INCLUDE: Delivery systems, Occurring problems, Inter-relationship Error, Personal Error, Variable Error, Multi tasking, Scenario replicating formula, The defender’s communicative guide lines, The startle to flinch response, Behavioral interaction, Criminal Charateristics, 12 replicated scenarios and debriefing sessions and much more!

The Shredder

This package comes with a 70 page book, an instructional video and over 1 hour and 20 minutes of instruction. This package extensively covers the Shredder in great detail from its origins through its development. Also included are drills, demos and detailed explanations. This is the definitive Shredder package. If you've been curious about it or have any interest in this concept, this package is definitely for you, I guarantee you it will do nothing but greatly enhance your arsenal no matter what style, system, rank or experience you already possess or train in.

What is the Shredder?

The Shredder is a spontaneous fusillade of gross-motor attacks such as eye gouges, face rakes, ear and nose rips, bites, hair pulls, neck wrenches and throat crushes. The onslaught also can include elbows, head butts and other close-range assaults, making it perfect for real street fights.

The Shredder, when deployed as designed, immediately creates the "defensive reflexive response” in one's opponent. He has no choice but to defend and become the prey! The body becomes a slave to its own reactions... It avoids punishment; it reacts to physical, psychological and visual stimulus. The Shredder attacks all of the body's systemic weaknesses all at once. Devastating and overwhelming the body and mind's capacity to the advantage of the one skilled in deploying it.

The Shredder Enhancer

The Shredder Enhancer contains new Shredder information as the concept continuously evolves as well as several new drills designed to heighten your Shredding skills by ten-fold. Some demystifications, misconceptions and detailed explanations on the Shredder & energy drills also included, as well as more of the Shredder on the ground and against armed attackers. Also see how the Shredder works against potential rapes against women, the Shredder and the reflexive response and much more. The Original Shredder Package introduced you to the concept; The Shredder Enhancer will heighten your skills, guaranteed. A must for anyone who has already gotten the Shredder Package. The original Shredder video and ebook are pre-requisites to this video.

Get R.E.A.L. (Realistic Experience Applicable to Life)

All new materials based on our famous Get R.E.A.L. and Cognitive Defense Tactics seminars. These videos go over in depth the pre contact stages of a fight, behavioural psychology and scenario replications. Including: The importance of role playing, 3 dimentional training, 11 steps in surviving a violent confrontation, profiling, concealed weapons awareness, the Shredder and much more. NOTE: During scenario replications, participants each drank a 3 quarter glass of Vodka straight to impair judgement, OC Spray was sprayed in the air several times during the scenarios and a portion of the scenarios were shot while lights were closed and under a strobe (camera is equipped with night vision so it came out well).

Vampiro’s Grapple & Groundfight

Take advantage of a real expert grappler, Ian Vampiro Hodgkinson's experience while he takes you through the down and dirty road of grappling. Standing at 6' 3" and weighing 265 pounds, Ian Hodgkinson, internationally known as "Vampiro" has been involved in Professional Wrestling since 1985, has won the heavy weight Canadian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu championship and worked as a body guard for high profile clients in the US and Mexico. This video is from Ian's portion of the 2nd Coalition seminar and includes compliance tactics, immobilizations, submissions, controls, take downs and a host of dirty tricks from various submission arts including Catch as Catch Can to include in your street or sport arsenal. Also includes co-instruction by Richard Dimitri (video shot live during a seminar)

The Lone Warrior – Solo Training Drills

This is a conceptual video, if you're looking for a 'how to techniques' video, this isn't for you. Includes: Profiling, behavioral aspects, how to develop strong neural pathways, developing a tactical edge, increasing perception time, improvised weapon analysis, emotional invocation, introspection, environmental analysis, bio-muscular memory and more. Considering our behavioral arsenal controls our physical arsenal, this tape is a must for those lacking in training partners and an excellent source of information to increase your mental awareness.

Strategic Stick Fighting

How to handle a stick in a realistic and applicable manner. No fancy moves, direct to the point offensive and defensive stick use. This video is not a 'how to become a stick fighter' tape but more of a conceptual, how to 'fight with a stick' video. Real time, real speed, no choreography full contact no consent demo's and instruction with minimal equipment. Includes: For the first time on any Senshido video, a detailed explanation and demo of the Shredder, stick against knife, stick against multiple opponents, stick against multiple armed opponents, stick against stick, close quarter stick combat, psychological warfare & strategic implementations and more!

Functional Combative Drill Training

All new drills to enhance your street survival skills. These drills are applicable to any system or style and include drills that max out your hand eye coordination, invoke adrenaline dumps, forces gross motor skills to the max, works Holistic Comprehension, Increases Intention to Action awareness, and much more. Drills also include: Knife work, ground fighting, extreme close quarter combat skills, mental blueprinting, stress management and more! A must for your collection!

Combative Strength Training (Vol. 2)

Forget bodybuilding, forget isolation training, real fighters need Core Muscle development which unifies the whole body for functional and useable strength! Combative Strength Training 2 picks up where Combative Strength Training 1 left off: Using gym equipment this time, Combative Strength Training 2 gives you a hard 'Core' innovative and more advanced Combative Training regimen! Senshido's Marc Ste. Marie (Better known as the 'Malevolent Preacher' from the Senshido forum) and Rich take you through Over 20 functional combative exercises to strengthen your body synergistically for combat and defense!

Monkey in the Middle Drill

Volume #2 of the Senshido Video-zine group class series. Live group class, the Monkey in the Middle Drill is an intensive Alive Drill that allows the participant to work several components including: Intuition, Multiple Attacker Awareness, The 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation, Extreme Close Quarter Combat Arsenal, Grappling, Groundfighting, concealed weapons awareness, 'Shredding' and more! Also includes Q & A Session at the end of the class with Richard giving insight on the importance of primary targets, the difference between street and sport, real experiences in street fights and more. Also includes bonus 2nd 20-minute portion of Ian (Vampiro) Hodgkinson's Maryland Coalition Seminar!