Probable Worst Case Scenarios

Here's an ugly scenario; you are out with friends, you are assaulted, and out of your group of three, you are the only one versed in self-protection… Ouch! This is a very likely scenario.

Here's another one just as ugly; 3 of you, separated when the proverbial poop hits the oscillating turbine, you are taking care of business, the problem is: your bud is not, and is about to get shanked from behind. He is stunned and you need him to turn around.

You want more? I knew it! You can escape, so can your bro… the problem is, bro # 3 is down… you have to think up and implement a strategy in a matter of seconds to execute a "combat rescue" so you can get him help.

More? You are trying to get home from the middle of a riot or a massive rumble. Your friends and you get separated… Yada yada yada…

On the battlefield, communication is paramount. Infantries, artilleries, air support cannot operate without it. The street is a micro version of this. It is inevitable, if more than one guy gets jumped, communication between the 2 or more, can play a large factor in your survivability. Imagine if the others are untrained, you are baby sitting, trying to get them out alive…. Wow… what are the chances without the proper training?

This is part of the challenges of surviving a street set up. Shit… one more thing to learn, to program… you are right! It never stops. The people you socialize with are all upstanding citizens (I hope) and, despite that fact, they might or might not share your ideas, beliefs and values regarding self-preservation. Maybe for some, self-preservation is a karate class at the local YMCA while for others; SD training is futile since it "does not happen to people like them". Bottom line is: You will have to assume leadership instantly. Ruffling feathers is not a concern. Being sensitive and apologetic will waste valuable time… you owe no explanation to anyone; the situation dictates that you take charge immediately.

After asserting yourself as the instantaneous leader, just like putting the mask on yourself before your child in an airplane, you need to tactically position yourself so you can act and do the job of saving your butt and your friend's DESPITE him/herself. Tangles at this point are your worst nightmare, grappling; any position forcing you to "tunnel" in on your opponent is to be avoided. You need, at this point, the ability to deal with your immediate threat, while diffusing your detection systems (sight, auditory) onto the scene of the altercation.

As a "general" at this point, there is no grey… It is black or white. You can't afford to guess / assume / hope / wish etc… If you have to direct people, it is an order and vocalized as such. The "order" has to be acted upon instantaneously. Be forceful. Hesitation on your part will breed hesitation on theirs. Do not waste time on justifications, explanations and such.

Your goal is escape, plain and simple… bottom line. If more than 2 people, make sure you don't leave anyone behind (Obvious ain't it? Not when knee deep however, this is a classic common occurring fuck up). If a member of your group is uninvolved, involved them! They might not fight but they can dial, run or get help!

Man do these scenario ever suck. After securing your group, keep them together, survey… is anyone hurt? Nobody leaves the group without checking with you. The last thing you need is to have to go fetch "John" who went back to teach them a "lesson".

The choice to wait for law enforcement is yours. Do not wait if the scene is not secure. Wow, all this is overwhelming… imagine if firearms are deployed? Or just toss a few weapons like bats, chains, bottles etc…

"That's fine muthafako, but how the hell will I train for that?" Easy… scenario replication training!

Scenario replication training is a great way to test your tactical confidence. It permits you to pressure test your skills on an emotional / psychological and physical level. Your training should prepare you for worst-case scenario. It's imperative to not 'act' but to instead 'be' yourself in the moment you created without anticipation, without prior thought except to the ones natural for the moment created.

Where does your mind naturally wander and what does your body want to do naturally in that moment, then bind your combative strategies to that moment. Your workouts must always duplicate a combative situation even when weight training, you must weight train for functional strength as opposed to simply building 'mirror muscle'. Consider the work out's association on a psychological and emotional level to your goals. Everything you do has to have a philosophical reason behind it or else you are strictly 'working out' the body. In order for the training to be efficient on all levels, it needs to take into consideration all variables.

Sparring in separate ranges such as grappling, boxing, kickboxing and even mixed martial arts sparring are but physical tool developers and are definitely a necessity, however, they are but a means to an end. Scenario replication is the totality which allows you to explore the emotional, psychological and physical links together.

Train intelligently and diligently
Marc Ste. Marie & Richard Dimitri