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Richard Dimitri's "old school" Senshido is the complete martial methodology taught between 1994-2006 beyond "pure and applied self-defense" and geared towards functional fighting concepts, skills, tactics and strategies in order to enhance survivability in the face of violence. Senshido Old School delved deeper into the physical and athletic components of the 5 ranges (Kicking, Boxing, Close Quarter Combat, Grappling and Ground Fighting) and is bio-mechanically more enhanced [than "pure and applied self-defense"] as it was offered in longer periods of time (months or years) for people who wished to continuously train and improve as fighters on a holistic level, developing them into complete warrior athletes, capable and versatile, able to improvise and adapt to any combative environment.

Get ongoing access to the entire Senshido Old School library, consisting of something close to 47 total hours of video instruction, with something new to learn with each viewing, no matter how many times you've watched that one video. And there are 20+ videos. You can do the math, but what this means is you've got a lifetime of learning right here.

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