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Assemble! (Part 1)

So, in my last blog from a couple of weeks ago I had a little fun comparing myself to Captain America. Again, the point of that entry was to describe how I felt stepping up to the plate as the new Senshido Team Leader. Like I said, I did so being surrounded by great people; […]

Step Up

So, it’s been a few months now that I have stepped up to become Senshido International’s new Team Leader. I’ve been meaning to write this blog entry for awhile. I just didn’t know how to express it, until I started re-reading some comic books I had. I’m a bit of a superhero-geek so I thought […]

Licence to Shred

Former bouncer and bodyguard Richard Dimitri has long been lauded in reality-based self-defence circles for creating the now-famous ‘Shredder’ concept, which is central to the Senshido system he founded. Yet teaching people how to survive brutal violence by studying the violent saw him develop a dark outlook on the world, and he found himself facing […]