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Senshido Evolution

Since its inception in 1994, Senshido has undergone continual evolution. From its basement beginnings, it has gained notoriety internationally for its eclectic, conceptual approach to self-defense and combatives. It’s simple yet brutal effectiveness attracted hardcore warrior athletes from the world over. As Senshido’s methods began to spread internationally, its focus began to shift from purely […]

Fighting Back: Personal Safety for Survival

An excellent coverage on Senshido self-defense, featuring Senshido Alaska’s own, Malachi Bond who has been teaching women at the local YWCA practical self-defense tactics to stay safe. If you didn’t know what we’re about, the video and interview pretty much sums it up.

Simplicity Revisited

Martial artists in general still don’t fundamentally understand the concept and extreme importance of pre contact psychology. It’s amazing to see forum after forum; message board after message board, all that is being discussed is ‘techniques’. Which technique is better, which techniques would you use against an armed attacker, multiple attackers, a grappler, a huge […]

Mythology, Mysticism and Martial Arts – Part 2

It’s amazing what people are willing to believe without seeing, willing to believe what they hear and willing to believe it all without experiencing. You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do. Theoretical fighters are just that. Foundations built on words. A friend of mine who works the midnight shift in […]

Mythology, Mysticism and the Martial Arts – Part 1

Currently, the world is plagued with tens of thousands of fraudulent self-proclaimed masters of martial arts, hand to hand combat and self-defense experts. For the most part, these are charlatans taking advantage of people’s fears and insecurities, their desires to emulate their heroes on the silver screen and their need for empowerment. The cause of […]

Probable Worst Case Scenarios

Here’s an ugly scenario; you are out with friends, you are assaulted, and out of your group of three, you are the only one versed in self-protection… Ouch! This is a very likely scenario. Here’s another one just as ugly; 3 of you, separated when the proverbial poop hits the oscillating turbine, you are taking […]

To Shred or not to Shred…

Since the term Shredder was coined, it has raised many eyebrows. The most common mistake made regarding this concept is that it is a technique or a set pattern of sequential moves that can be trained like a boxing combo. It isn’t. Let me clarify a few misconceptions regarding the Shredder. For one, although I […]