Senshido Evolution

Since its inception in 1994, Senshido has undergone continual evolution. From its basement beginnings, it has gained notoriety internationally for its eclectic, conceptual approach to self-defense and combatives. It’s simple yet brutal effectiveness attracted hardcore warrior athletes from the world over. As Senshido’s methods began to spread internationally, its focus began to shift from purely fighting to a more holistic methodology, promoting not only an understanding of body mechanics as it relates to violence, but also psychology and human behavior for the same. While not diluting its methods, Senshido broadened its focus to be more inclusive, targeting its approach for the general population – not just fighters and martial artists – becoming “everyone’s self-defense”. As time went on, Senshido evolved further when it started to take on an even bigger picture approach, as it ultimately became a vehicle for the message of peace, empowerment and self-betterment.

Similarly, Senshido’s branding has undergone several evolutions in attempting to capture and represent the pervading philosophy at the corresponding stage of development of the system. From the dark and combat-focused depiction of two fighters going at it, to the dove representing its focus on peace, to the phoenix representing Senshido being born again. At the current stage of Senshido’s development, none of these proved to be a suitable reflection of the philosophy that currently drives Senshido. The one constant throughout Senshido’s history has been its holistic nature. And with that in mind, we went back to the drawing board (literally) to capture this visually, and came up with a modified triquetra, with each point representing the trinity of mind, body and (warrior) spirit, and how they interconnect, emphasizing the holistic nature of the system. The overlapping effect created by the points of the triquetra and the circle also gives the appearance of a globe (global outreach) in the centre. The Senshido text in the logo contains two distinctive elements in the E and the N, with the former also speaking to the trinity depicted in the triquetra and the backwards N to the unorthodox nature of Senshido.

We feel that this latest logo is one that captures the essence of Senshido, right from its beginnings, and will carry it through going forward into the future.