The meaning of “having access to a senshido instructor”

First understand the “cred”. Your instructor has something money can’t buy. A handful of cash and a few weekend seminars don’t do it. Ask our newest members Jani and Jurgen. The senshido instructor is not politicalized nor cares about what the rest of the world does, he really does not give a crap about backslapping with famous people, or getting his picture taken, He/she has an understanding of combat and it’s general principles, he or she seeks to empower and does not care how he or she do it. It takes years. We really are oblivious to whether the rest of the industry loves us or not. Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.

In the wonderful world of martial arts… franchising does work, for lots of outfits, like the Mc Donald franchising model…. people buy franchises… It’s a win-win for both parties. It works. No sarcasm. In the arts it is called an affiliation. It is a formula and/or a template. All parties can benefit of each other’s contacts and when the programs are good, the word gets spread quickly and good things happen. At Mc D… you don’t need to be a cook to make a good burger, the formula is on the wall. And it’s a good thing. We need this, and the people we associate with are very competent.

SENSHIDO MAKES ZERO$ ON INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION. What does that mean? You are being part of an organism where you cannot buy in. This is powerful. So Jurgen and Jani… welcome aboard, your students will see and benefit from your teachings.

Senshido is not a martial art. It’s a lifestyle and a way of thinking that transcend into people’s life.

Ssenshido instructorenshido instructors, are not cooking recipes, They are generating them, They have the tools to work with a group and make it work with or without equipement, anywhere. They were chosen, not on their ability to generate revenues or the their potential to do so, but on pure ability, attitude and the desire to make a difference in their community.

People will stand around and whine “I wanna be an instructor!” with a handful of cash… The day we will let those in…  will be the day this amazing philosophy dies.

The Malevolent preacher

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