Your personal relationship with violence

jrgan02I have to come clean…. I always loved fighting and conflict. Drawn like a moth to fire…. got burned too and came back for more. Some strive in conflicts. How many of us have been in confrontational situations and actually hoped the fucker would pull YOUR trigger? Be honest. My biggest challenge always has been de-escalation. The right words come out, but holy crap! I have to watch the body language. So when speaking in front of a group, I always tried to make my message other than “kick the punk’s ass” or “teaching him a lesson”, “showing he’s made a mistake”, “He fucked with the wrong guy”….. and more stupid macho cliches. My message was always more about “get yourself to safety” more than anything else.

Therefore, when shopping for a self protection program, a guy with a legit extensive SPEC warfare background is not an automatic qualifier. Everybody wants to be an asskicker. If that is your case join an MMA program. The language used to teach is a telling “marker” of a mindset not healthy for a regular “joe” who just wants to make it home in one piece. We love the tac-speak, “targets”, “objectives”, yada yada yada, “edged weapons” (Its a fucking knife)… don’t get caught up.

Great sport fighting creds are also not an automatic sign of competence. I got into it with a legend on another forum a decade or so ago… It was all about winning and kicking ass (sorry “arse” it’s the euro forum after all) . The stuff he showed was based on HIS skill level and probably would require a lifetime for a chump like me to acquire the speed and timing required to make his material work.

It’s all out there, but remember, as a paying customer it’s all about YOU, you don’t pay to hear the guy’s life story, you don’t care if he found Jesus, it’s self protection not a fucking christian revival. The instructor’s job is to make it work for you; a forty hour work week family guy trying to provide a good safe home for his family and you have a limited amount of time to dedicate to self protection. Pick wisely.

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