Assemble! (Part 1)


So, in my last blog from a couple of weeks ago I had a little fun comparing myself to Captain America. Again, the point of that entry was to describe how I felt stepping up to the plate as the new Senshido Team Leader. Like I said, I did so being surrounded by great people; people with their own strengths and experiences that benefit the Senshido team. So in this blog, I’m gonna have fun comparing our team members and affiliates to super heroes (and anti-heroes) as well.

Just to reiterate, I am not (necessarily) comparing us with their powers, physical skills or even abilities (especially since  none of us can really fly and stuff like that). I am focusing more on their intangible traits and interpersonal skills and attributes – their philosophies, personalities and maybe their way of life. We often look to fictional characters such as super-heroes for inspiration. Which was why I decided to write this up. So without further ado, let’s begin the team’s roster:

Marc St-Marie: THOR



I don’t think I can start this post with a better person. Marc has been part of Senshido since the beginning. Much like Thor, Marc is backed by years of combat and martial arts experience, and the team often looks up to him for advice. He is a leader in his own right, and inspires us all. Plus with long hair, he does kinda fit the bill don’t you think? Although, today Marc may not be as actively teaching Senshido self-defense right now, but he is and always will be a teacher and a mentor to us all.

Mia and Rick Capozzi: SPIDER WOMAN and HAWKEYE



This Senshido International power couple of Senshido Connecticut needs to be compared with another power couple. So I chose the (one-time) couple of Hawkeye and Spider Woman. If you know Mia and Rick like I do, the comparison is perfect. They are courageous, tough as nails, and also witty, a bit smart-mouthed and snarky ….okay, maybe VERY smart-mouthed and snarky (they’d be the first to admit it lol). But they are also super loyal to the team and dedicated individuals. They would do anything for their family and team members and always fight for the “little-guy”. Not to mention that  Rick himself, is a LEO (law enforcement officer) and even practiced archery in his past so the Hawkeye (a form of LEO himself) connection is quite suiting. And at one time, Spider-Woman stabbed Wolverine with his own claws (see below). Mia would probably do the same thing! LOL


Speaking of Wolverine…

Tuomo Malinen: WOLVERINE



Tuomo of Senshido Finland says and I quote, “Well as a character I’m a bit like him [Wolverine]. I walk my own path. Not so worried about whether I look good all the time (like now I’d really need to shave). I’m a bit temperamental like him, but I can keep my cool and always fight on the good side.” Both may be a “Ronin warrior” in their own right but they are also very loyal to their team and friends. Tuomo is also very resilient and if you take Tuomo’s beard and move it around to make tufts of hair on his bald head, then add mutton chops, wouldn’t you see it as well? He also has a cool video replicating scenarios and shredding, sans the adamantium claws, which can be seen here .

Patrick Ressler: SABRETOOTH



Ok, so Sabretooth isn’t a hero – at all…but Pat really wanted him, so to compromise I chose an alternate reality version of him where he was a hero…kinda. This Sabretooth is a character with a dark past but makes a change and fights on the side of good. A side that protects others.  I can say that Pat of Senshido Germany always liked to describe himself as a man who doesn’t hide what he is and could care less of what society may think of him. He’s accepting of himself. Those are the individual qualities that Pat sees in Sabretooth, and it is those qualities that separate him from others. Patrick is honest and true to himself – and to others. That’s what makes him a valued team member.

Malachi Bond: CABLE



Cable, a lesser-known hero, is a time traveller and explorer who always make it his goal to do what’s best for the future and others around him. Malachi, of Senshido Alaska, can’t move through time, but he enjoys learning from others. He is open to learning from all his experiences and the experience of others. He explores new ideas and adds them to his repertoire. Mal is always planning for the future and its betterment, doing what he feels is for the better good, especially for those around him such as his loved ones and his students.

Brian Opdenkelder: BATMAN


Yeah, try saying Brian’s name three times fast! Well, was a bit difficult to decide who gets Batman among our team members. A few of us wanted to be him (even me at a point), so they had to do a fight to the death for it- just kidding…sorta. Brian of Senshido Ontario was first to call dibs so that was that lol. In reality, Brian is strong, smart, and very experienced in combatives, including Ninjitsu. Brian also works as a Corrections Officer, requiring him to stay sharp, being surrounded by criminals each day.  So Brian can say, “I’m Batman.”

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