Derequito, Wes

Wes grew up overweight living an unhealthy lifestyle. He eventually found the Senshido school in Montreal and trained directly under Richard Dimitri, the founder of Senshido. Wes eventually became a certified Senshido Instructor as well as a personal trainer. He began training people of all walks of life from civilians to security guards and cadets for the military/law enforcement. He had obtained his Bachelors at Concordia University in Human Environment while studying Exercise Science – his true passion however, was to teach and help others achieve their goals. With several years of experience under his belt he then dedicated his life in staying fit, living a healthy lifestyle and training people in doing the same by opening his own studio, Ara Academy. Upon Richard Dimitri’s retirement from Senshido, Wes took up the mantle, and is now the current Senshido International team Leader. He is also an MMA coach and enjoys all forms of combat sports and is currently training to improve his Boxing and Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu.

Wes’ words:

I believe we are all fighters and warriors. Not necessarily just in a violent-let’s-go-to-war kind of way. Some fight crime, some fight cancer and disease, some fight for love. Everyone is or has the potential to be a warrior. It just depends what we all have that is worth fighting for. I believe I can surface anybody’s inner warrior.