Fighting Back: Personal Safety for Survival

Click to view video and read article at KTVA

Click to view video and read article at KTVA

An excellent coverage on Senshido self-defense, featuring Senshido Alaska’s own, Malachi Bond who has been teaching women at the local YWCA practical self-defense tactics to stay safe.

If you didn’t know what we’re about, the video and interview pretty much sums it up.

Licence to Shred

richard-dimitri-seminarFormer bouncer and bodyguard Richard Dimitri has long been lauded in reality-based self-defence circles for creating the now-famous ‘Shredder’ concept, which is central to the Senshido system he founded. Yet teaching people how to survive brutal violence by studying the violent saw him develop a dark outlook on the world, and he found himself facing perhaps his most powerful enemy — that within. A result of his personal journey back into the light, the Canadian has now turned his organisation Senshido International into a movement for peace as much as self-protection. Chelsea Attard met Dimitri and experienced his teaching method at his recent seminars in Melbourne — the third stop on a tour that also included Brisbane and Sydney.

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