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Critical assessments

We always assume, when we teach, that the victim alone will be assaulted by one of many attackers. Like… you never go out with your wife or a friend? Maybe that friend/date/wife hasn’t attended senshido semis…. maybe your pal is one of those idiots who thinks he can take on a pack of bikers because […]

More traditional than traditional arts

What we commonly refer to as traditional arts, at their origin, probably looked more like what we do at senshido. Those centuries old arts were without a doubt, a product of their environment. For sure developed with an eclectic methodology, and were quite functional in the socio-cultural context of their application. Just like us. Believe […]

Don’t drink the coolaid

In any sports, the drilling and technical work, mirrors the kinetic signature of the movement patterns used. I got to lie down after writing this sentence. It is simply common sense. Yet… In the wonderful world of martial arts, regular pedagogical principles don’t seem to apply. Another fucking fancy word.. sounds like gynecological… oh well […]


Recently I came around a clip where a man disarmed a mugger who was asking him for his wallet at gun point. Wow!!!! Success no? Here’s the catch, he did it in a public place, surrounded by other commuters. He wasted no time grabbing the gun and torquing it out of the guy’s hand. In […]

The Malevolent preacher is back.

So those of you who were familiar with the old Senshido forum  no doubt will remember Marc Ste Marie, also known as The Malevolent preacher (MP). Its been a long time since MP has made an appearance on any senshido forum or website so heres the good news,  Well hes back!  So lets get the […]

What is a victim

Is it a person who has been attacked and hasn’t survived? Is it also a person who has been attacked or abused several times? Is it a person who hangs their head low while walking down the street in a fear stricken and submissive state in anticipation of violence and abuse? Is it a person […]