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Disturbing trend… Are we making the “shredder stupid” AKA when the shredder goes against the 5Ps of senshido?

Huh? During my experimentation with bladed and blunt weapons, this phenomena would happen….  When a guy had a tool, it became his fixation to use it. He forgot everything he learnt about unarmed combat and he basically only worked his “tool”…. ignoring and /or forgetting to integrate all his other hand to hand skills. Well… […]

Kids and self defense

They only need 2 things…. Where not to be standing, and how to create/maintain distance. Unless they have a complete grasp of the application of that concept, everything else is bullshit. Please spare me the horse feces (I was told shit was a 4 letter word than offends pussies) with effective striking and all that […]

Thank you, from Senshido Internationals newest members

A few words from Senshido Internationals newest member Jani Luukkonen. Jani and Jurgan were officially brought into our family as team members and certified instructors yesterday 24 May 2015 They have been assistant instructors for several years under the Senshido Europe team, they are dedicated, passionate and have worked extremely hard to get to where […]

Integrity vs commercially viable self protection programs

First, this is my personal opinion, if the shoe fits.. wear it. real self protection, admittedly is not “palatable”. The potential purchaser clings to a perception acquired in the media, TV and cinema. The topic makes him uncomfortable, the real issues makes him uncomfortable. In other words, serious self protection training is a nightmare to […]


The job of your personal protection instructor is to make you an escape artist. The better trained you are the smoother your escape. You will slip out of conflicts without engagement. Which is the culmination of a well evaluated situation and it’s appropriate reaction. If you have to engage (“Have to” is key here), it […]

Your personal relationship with violence

I have to come clean…. I always loved fighting and conflict. Drawn like a moth to fire…. got burned too and came back for more. Some strive in conflicts. How many of us have been in confrontational situations and actually hoped the fucker would pull YOUR trigger? Be honest. My biggest challenge always has been […]